How to tube hair
the original tutorial was created by Sussuluz

I a member od TWInc
this tutorial is protected

there are many ways to « clip » hair
Sussuluz presents you one of them
Thank you to her for her kind permission to translate her tutorial

you will need patience to follow these explanations

copy this image (right click and « save the image as... »)
600 * 450 pixels

Use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
layers/promote background layer
rename this layer « image » (or other name of your choice)
image/canvas size/add 20 pixels all around the image

Step 2
layers/new raster layer -> twice
rename them « light background » and « dark background »
fill them with a light and a contrasting dark color
I chose a light blue #8cb1c4 and a dark blue #2f585e
in the layers palette, activate the image
layers/arrange/bring to top
activate the « freehand » selection tool, default settings, and surround the image
(the purpose is to delete as much light blue as possible)
press the delete key of your keyboard
your tag and you layers palette look like this

selections/select none

Step 3
layers/new raster layer, rename it « very thin hair »
zoom in as much as possible and activate the dropper tool
find a dark color in the hair
I chose #abb6bd, but you can also choose black

activate the colored pencil

with the following settings

now you must « redraw » all the very thin hair, all around the hair

in your layers palette, an « art media 1 » layer has appeared
to make sure you drew properly all the thin hair, close the visibility toggle of the « image »
and of the dark background
your tag and your layers palette look ike this

layers/merge/merge down
the layer « very thin hair » is now the active layer
set the opacity on 44%
open the visibility toggle of the layer « image »
close the visibility toggle of the layers « very thin hair » and « dark background »

Step 4
layers/new raster layer
rename it « small locks » (or other)
activate the pen tool (V), Bezier Curve

don’t hesitate to change the width of the line (on the screenshot I chose 2)
according to the width of the lock
pick the color with the dropper tool
you can also create « patterns » copied in the hair
or « gradients » with 2 or more colors chosen in the hair
and redraw each small lock

be careful : don’t forget to close the background color in the materials palette
once you have drawn a lock, right click and « apply »
when you have drawn all the locks, you will have to « refine » the tips
to do that, activate the freehand tool/point to point

(if the locks are very thin, set the feather and smoothing on 0)
close the visibility toggle of the layer « image »
and crop the tip of each lock

press the delete key of yourboard
selections/select none
when you have redrawn all the locks, the layer « small locks » looks like this

set the opacity on 65% and close the visibility toggle of this layer
open the visibility toggle of the layer « image »
your layers palette looks like this

Step 5
now you must « clean up » the hair, and get rid of the perimeter
activate the Freehand tool/point to point

in the layers palette, activate the  layer « image »
and « clean up » roughly the perimeter

Step 6
you can create « brush tips » by copying some locks of the hair
to do that, activate the Freehand tool/point to point/feather 1 and smoothing 0
clip the lock you want to copy

edit/copy - edit/paste as new image
file/export/custom brush, and give a name to your brush tip

back to your work, in the layers palette, the layer « image » is the active layer
layers/new raster layer
name this layer « lock 1 » (or other)
apply the brush

move it where you want
you can also « play » on the size of this brush, on the rotation, use the warp brush,.........  
you can also ask for image/mirror or flip....
try everything, make tests..... and find your own « tricks »

don’t hesitate to undo the last command and try something else...
try different « patterns » in the foreground of the materials palette
open a new raster layer for each lock and name it (1 ....2....3.....)
don ‘t hesitate to create very many new layers and very many brushes

you can also add new layers under the layer « image » to play with the overlay

when you are satisfied with the result
merge all the « locks layers » with the « image »
your layers palette looks like this

the visibility toggles of the layers « image » and «light background » are opened

Step 7
now we must give to the hair a « natural look »
activate the Freehand tool, all settings on 0
select the perimeter of the hair

selections/promote selection to layer
selections/select none
activate the Smudge tool

in the layers palette, the « promoted selection » is the active layer
stretch the tips of the locks that need to be stretched a little

layers/merge/merge down
activate the Soften brush

and blur the locks that seem too « hard »

in the layers palette, open the « eye » of the dark background and zoom in to see the details
you will then notice all the defects
use your brushes to add small locks, use the freehand tool to delete the small burrs
use the eraser tool to exfoliate gently some useless details....

in the layers palette, close the visibility toogle of the 2 backgrounds layers
open all the others

layers/merge/merge visible

Step 8
now you must erase the « floaties »
(these are small pixels all around the image, you cannot see them usually)
these floaties spoil your tube, specialy when you use it and drop shadow,
or when you want to place it

selections/select all
activate the freehand tool/point to point, mode « replace », all settings on 0
click (anywhere) on the tube and zoom in as much as possible
you can see these floaties now !!

select them with the freehand tool, and delete them

repeat this operation from to as many times as necessary

Step 9
to end your work and improve the image
select the skin (only the skin !!)

adjust/digital camera noise removal

selections/select none

your tube is finished
apply your signature on a new layer
save as... type PSP
make sure you save as.... with the compatibility with PSP 7
This will allow everyone to use your tube regardless of the version of psp used

you can download the tube I created with this tutorial
click on the preview

thank you for completing this tutorial

don’t hesitate to write to me if you need any additional explanation
or if you have any comment to make, you can write to me

or tu Sussuluz

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