How to tube a character
improve the appearance of skin and restore areas of the image
the original tutorial was created by Sussuluz
several methods exist
This tutorial does not claim to be the best method, it simply offers you a  way to proceed
Then, you will find your own settings, your tips...
If you tube, again and again, you will find the best way « for you » ; the method that suits you best
Thanks to Sussuluz for sharing her knowledge, and for the permission she gave me to translate her work

 (translator’s note : you must have a very good knowledge of PSP to follow this tutorial
I work with PSP 17 , but you can use another version
you’ll need to be patient !!

use the paint brush to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Remember to save your work regularly to avoid « accidents », and having to start all over again
the first time, -> file/save as... type .pspimage
then regularly, click on the small diskette « Save »

take this beautiful image that will be our image to tube
the dimensions : 486  *  600 pixels

Step 1
layers/promote background layer, and rename it « tube »
translator’s note : to make my work easier, I always add a frame of 20 pixels around the image
image/canvas size

Step 2
add 2 layers, rename them « light badkground » and « dark background »
choose 2 colors according to the name
in this tutorial, light color is pink, and dark color is green

Step 3
arrange these 2 layers under the tube

freehand selection tool/point to point/mode « replace », surround the image
selections/invert and delete

selections/select none

Step 4
activate the clone brush

and erase the watermark visible on the legs

Step 5
we are now going to erase the background of the photo (sky and grass)
activate the freehand selection tool/point to point

Step 6
zoom in as much as possible to see the edges clearly

don’t hesitate to work many times on the same area for a better result

when your have finished, your work looks like this

Step 7
close the eye of the light background, and do the same work to make the cleaning more precise
the dark background increases the clarity of your work

when you have finished this work with the dark background, your work looks like this

Step 8
add a new background and floodfill with a light color
rename it « light background 2 » and move this layer under the tube
in this tutorial, this layer is light blue
close the eyes of the 2 other background layers
redo the same work for the third time !!

Step 9
your work and your layers palette look like this

Step 10
add a new layer under the tube and rename it « restoration » (or other)

the areas needing restoration are indicated below
you might have different zones, according to the work you’ve down before

first we are going to restore the top of the hat that has been cut by the photographer
activate the selection tool / rectangle, mode « replace », feather : 0

activate the layer « tube »
select a part of the hat, edit/copy
edit/paste as new image. This image will be used as a pattern

selections/select none
activate the tube « restoration »
il the materials palette, set the pattern created as foreground AND background
activate the Pen Tool

redraw the top of the hat

don’t forget to right click and choose « apply » when you’ve finished each restoration

Step 11
restore all the areas that need it using the same method
using a pattern as in step 10

or using a color ; set the same color as foreground and background color in the materials palette

when you’ve finished the restoration, your work looks like this

Step 12
close the eyes of the 3 colored background layers
 and merge visible
open the eye or the « light background 2 »
activate the freehand tool/point to point, mode « add »
select all the areas with skin (except the eyes)

adjust/digital noise remover

with the following settings

selections/select none

Step 13
now you must make sure there is no « floatie » left (small pixels you can’t see but existing in the tube)
selections/select ell
with the freehand tool, mode « replace » (important), point to point, feather 0, click anywhere in the image
the selection surrounds the character
when zooming in as much as possible, these floaties appear
erase them using the the freehand tool
Repeat the operation as many times as necessary

layers/new raster layer, rename it « watermark » and apply your watermark

Step 14
file/save as... type .pspimage
don’t forget to make sure your tube is compatible with other versions of PSP
(see at the end of the tutorial « tubing hair » how to do this
the wizard guides you to this tutorial

you can download the result of this tutorial by clicking on the preview below

thank you for following this tutorial
if you have any trouble, question... don't hesitate to contact me

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