How to tube AND mist
the original tutorial was created by Sussuluz

there are many ways to tube and mist altogether
Sussuluz presents you one of them
This tutorial does not claim to be the best method,
it simply presents a way to work, then you will find your own settings, your tips...
it is by tubing, again and again, that you will find the way that suits you best
thanks to Sussuluz for having delivered us her knowledge and thus given us a basis for reflection

you will need patience, and a good knowledge of PSP to follow these explanations
I work with PSP17, but you can use another version of course

copy this image (right click and « save the image as... »)
608 * 600 pixels

Remember to save your work regularly to avoid "accidents", and having to start all over again.
the first time, use "Save as...". "then a click on the diskette"'save" (Ctrl + S) will be enough

use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
layers/promote background layer
rename this layer « tube » (or any other name of your choice)

Step 2
layers/add 2 new raster layers
rename them « llight background » and « dark background »
and flood fill them according to their name (of course)
in this tutorial, the light background is light blue, and the dark one is dark green
layers/arrange -->move these backgrounds under the tube
activate the freehand selection tool/point to point / mode « replace »
circle the image quite coarsely to remove the background as much as possible
 edit/clear(delete) or press Delete on your keyboard

selections/select none

Step 3
activate the freehand selection tool / point to point and « tube » around the character

Step 4
don’t try to tube the hair very precisely
when you have erased the background, your work looks like this

Step 5
you will now recompose the hair
taking for example the tutorial where we learned to tube hair
clone some locks and reconstruct the perimeter of the hair patiently
Sussuluz has prepared 3 brushes you can use
download HERE

in the materials palette, set as foreground some patterns you create with the hair

add these locks on a new layer. This layer wil be placed under the tube

then soften these small locks with the « soften » tool

when you are satisfied, merge the 2 layers

Step 6
now « mist » the bottom of the image (flowers and grass)
image/resize canvas

select the part you want to mist


and press the key « delete » 3 times on your keyboard

your work looks like this

Step 7
selections/select all
with the freehand selection tool/point to point/mode replace, click anywhere in your image
the you can see the « floaties » (small pixels) around the tube
surround these floaties with the freehand selection tool and delete them
do not hesitate to repeat this work as many times as necessary to make the tube as clean as possible

Step 8
it is now necessary to check the quality of your work by changing the color of the background
if you see too bright or dark areas, delete them using the two backgrounds (dark and light)

Step 9
It is now necessary to adjust colors because the image has too much « dominant» green
enhance photo / white balance

Step 10
with the freehand selection tool/point to point, select the skin of the character (only the skin)

adjust/digital noise removal

selections/select none

Step 11
in the layers palette, delete the light and dark backgrounds
add a new layer to apply your watermark

save as... type PSP
make sure you save as.... with the compatibility with PSP 7
This will allow everyone to use your tube regardless of the version of psp used

ATTENTION ! these « compatibility » settings must be done only once in your PSP
when you save new tubes, they will remain valid

you can download the tube I created with this tutorial
click on the preview below

don’t hesitate to write to me if you need any additional explanation

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