How to "tube" a drawn character

the original tutorial was writen by Sussuluz

I am member of TWInc, this tutorial is protected

download this image.The dimensions are   424 * 600  pixels

Use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Etape 1
layers/promote background layer
rename it « tube »

Etape 2
layers/new raster layer : twice
rename them « light background » and « dark background »
layers/arrange/move these layers underneath the tube
and fill them with 2 corresponding colors (light and dark)
your layers palette looks like this

Etape 3
in the layers palette, activate the layer « tube »
activate the free hand selection tool, type « point to point » with the following settings

wrap the character as shown on the screenshot

Etape 4

Etape 5
press the delete key of your keyboard (or edit/clear/delete)
to erase the rim of the character
your work and you layers palette look like this

selections/select none

Etape 6
zoom in as much as possible to make your work easier
activate the free hand selection tool, type « point to point », mode « replace »

(note of the translator : I use different settings, with feather : 1 and smoothing : 0
find your own favorite settings)
select, bit by bit, all the drawing around the character

each time, press the delete key of your keyboard

Etape 7
you must erase all that is not the drawn character

Etape 8
in the layers palette, close the « eye » of the « light background »
and zoom in as much as possible
to make sure the is no drawing left around the tube
if it is the case, remove them using the free hand selection tool

Etape 9
once you have cleaned up all around the tube
open the « eye » of the light background
activate the layer of the tube
layers/new raster layer, and rename it « outlines »
activate the dropper tool
choose a color for the arm and the hand, at the edge of the drawing

Etape 10
in the materials palette, disable the background color (transparent)
activate the Pen tool/draw point to point - Bezier Curves
with the following settings

Etape 11
you must change the color of the outline according to the color you are redrawing

blue for the dress, red for the coat, ....
and you must redraw all around the tube

Etape 12
your « outlines » layers looks like this

when you are satisfied with the result
merge the layer « outlines » with the layer « tube »

your layers palette looks like this

Etape 13
make sure the layer « tube » is the active layer in the layers palette
selections/select all

Etape 14
activate the free hand selection tool
click anywhere in the frame
your tube is now selected
zoom in as much as possible, to see if you have not forgotten any « floatie »

if it is the case, remove them with the free hand selection tool
when you have finished to clean up the floaties,  -> selections/select none

Etape 15
in the layers palette, delete the 2 backgrounds and keep only the « tube »
layers/new raster layer
rename it « watermark »
apply your watermark on this layer
(note of the translator : personaly, to keep the minimum of transparent framework
and place the tube in the very center of the frame
I copy the tube, and paste it as new image)

Etape 16
fil/save as...
choose a name for your tube

click on « options »
make sure your work is compatible with all PSP versions
click on « compression LZ77 » and choose « PSP 7 compatible »

(note : you don’t have to do this each time you save a tube.
You do it Once for all. PSP keeps this preference in memory
everybody will then be able to open the file)

your work is finished
if you want to download the tube I created in this tutorial
click on the preview

if you have any question, or comment , don’t hesitate to write to me
to Lisa T.

or to Sussuluz

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