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3 tubes (sailor - ship - landscape)
the tubes of the ship and the sailor were created by Denise Worisch
the tube of the landscape was created by Tine

Thank you to the tubers

Filters Used
Mura’s Meister

Tine used the following colors
foreground color --> color 1 --> #87603c
background color --> color 2 --> #eadab1

Use the paintbrush to follow the steps
left click to grab it


Step 1
open the tubes with PSP, duplicate them and close the originals
always work with the copies

Step 2
in the tube of the sailor, using the dropper tool,
choose a dark color as foreground
and a light color as background

Step 3
open a new transparent background layer
625 X 475 pixels
effects/plugins/Mura’s Meister/Cloud


Step 4
activate the tube of the sailor
image/resize/350 pixels width
edit/copy  -  back on your work  -  edit/paste as a new layer
move it up to the right
in the layers palette, set the opacity on 80%

Step 5
activate the tube of the ship
edit/copy  -  back on your work  -  edit/paste as a new layer
move it to the left

Step 6
activate the tube of the landscape
edit/copy  -  back on your work  -  edit/paste as a new layer
move ti down to the right
layers/properties/set the opacity on 70%

Step 7
image/add borders/35 pixels/white/check “symmetric”
activate the magic wand tool with the following settings

select the white border
effects/plugins/Mura’s Meister/Cloud

Step 8
keep the selection active

effects/3D effects/inner bevel

effects/3D effects/cutout

selections/select none

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