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1 color palette (open it in PSP)
1 tube of woman
1 mask created by Tine (open it in PSP and minimize it)
1 font -> Queen Rosie

the tube was created by K@rine Dreams

Thank you K@rine

Filters Used

Filters Unlimited 2
Forest AFS (import in Unlimited 2)

color 1 -> foreground color -> #70364d (dark color)
color 2 -> background color -> #efe1e4 (light color)

Use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

in the materials palette, prepare a sunburst gradient, repeat 3, uncheck « link center and focal points »
Center point : Horizontal 50 , Vertical 50
Focal point : Horizontal 50, Vertical 20

Step 1
open a new transparent raster layer   900 * 550 pixels
acitvate the flood fill tool, and fill the layer with the gradient
effects/distortion effects/polar coordinates

effects/plugins/I.C.NET Software/Filters Unlimited 2.0/Special Effects 1/Shiver

effects/edge effects/enhance more

Step 2
layers/new raster layer
activate the selection tool, rectangle/custom selection

in the materials palette, reset color 1 as foreground
activate the flood fill tool, fill the selection with color 1
selections/select none

Step 3
effects/plugins/Unlimited 2/Special Effects 1/Shiver/default settings ( 27 / 22 )
effects/edge effects/enhance
effects/image effects/seamless tiling

Step 4
layers/merge/merge down

step 5
effects/distortion effects/wave

effects/texture effects/weave (colors 1 and 2)

adjust/sharpness/high pass sharpen

in the layers palette, activate « raster 2 »
effects/plugins/Unlimited 2/Forest AFS/sqborder2

Step 6
in the layers palette, activate the top layer (copy of raster 2)
layers/new raster layer
activate the flood fill tool and fill with color 1
layers/new mask layer/from image

adjust/sharpness/sharpen more
layers/merge/merge group

Step 7
activate the tube of the woman « K@rine_Dreams_Hair_Style_2908_Avril2014 »
edit/copy - back to your work - edit/paste as new layer
effects/image effects/offset

effects/3D effects/drop shadow/black

Step 8
activate the selection tool, square

draw a square on the tube

edit/copy - edit/paste a new image
in the materials palette, set this image as foreground (pattern)

minimize this image
back to your work
selections/select none

Step 9
image/add borders/check « symmetric » ->
3 pixels color 2
30 pixels color 1
activate the magic wand tool

select the large border (30 pixels)
activate the flood fill tool, and fill the selection with the pattern (right click)
adjust/blur/gaussian blur/20
effects/3D effects/drop shadow/   0 / 0 / 100 / 25 / black
selections/select none

Step 10
repeat step 9
finish by adding a border/check « symmetric »/3 pixels/color 2

Step 11
acitvate the text tool ( T )

in the materials palette, set the pattern as background and close the foreground

writn « Angela » (of course you can write another text of your choixe !!)
layers/convert to raster layer
move it wher you like
effects/3D effects/drop shadow/   1 / 1 / 81 / 2 / black
layers/merge/merge all (flatten)

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