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This translation is my property, I have the permission of Nara to translate her work
it is strictly forbidden to copy or distribute it on the Net
Thanks to Nara for her kind permission
I work with PSP12, but it is possible to use another version.

Open the tubes, duplicate them and work with the copies
you will need 2 tubes : a character and a landscape
Tubes are not provided. Nara’s watermark is provided

Mura’s Meister/Copies

Use the pencil to follow the steps
Left click to grab it

choose 2 colors in your main tube, a light one, and a dark one
in the materails palette, set these colors as foreground and background colors
Step 1
in the materials palette, prepare a radial gradient with the following settings

Step 2
open a new transparent raster layer   1000  **  600 pixels
flood fill the layer with the gradient

Step 3
effects/reflection effects/feedback

Step 4
image/mirror/mirror vertical
set the opacity of the layer on 50%
layers/merge/merge down
adjust/sharpness/sharpen more

Step 5
image/resize/uncheck « all layers »/50%
effects/distortion effects/polar coordinates/rectangular to polar

Step 6
image/resize/unchek « all layers »/50%
effects/image effects/offset

Step 7
effects/plugins/Mura’s Meister/Copies

Step 8
effects/3D effects/drop shadow

drop shadow again changing (15) by (-15)

Step 9
image/mirror/mirror horizontal
layers/merge/merge down

Step 10
effects/geometric effects/circle/transparent
effects/geometric effects/Spherize/100/elipse

Step 11
copy/paste as new layer the landscape tube
move this layer under the layer of step 8

Step 12
activate the top layer
copy/paste as new layer the character tube
resize it if necessary, and move it where you like

Step 13
layers/new raster layer
flood fill with a linear gradient / angle and repeat : 0

Step 14
with the Pick Tool, pull down this layer to form a bar à the bottom of the tag
drop a shadow of your choice
layers/merge/merge down

Step 15
apply Nara’s watermark, and sign your work
file/save as/type Jpeg

your tag is finished
Thank you to have realized it

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