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This translation is my property,
it is strictly forbidden to copy or distribute it on the Net
Thanks to Nara for her kind permission
I work with PSP17, but it is possible to use another version.

no tube is provided, use the images you like
Nara Chose a misted tube
I used my own tubes you can get for free on my site

1 mask

Open your tubes, duplicate them and work with the copies
copy the mask into the folder « mask » of My PSP Files

Flaming Pear/Flexify 2
Unlimited 2

Use the pencil to follow the steps
Left click to grab it

Step 1
open a new transparent raster layer 1024  **  550
selections/select all
copy/paste your image into selection

Step 2
effects/image effects/seamless tiling/Side by Side

Step 3
effects/art media effects/Brush strokes

Step 4
layers/new raster layer
selections/select all
selections/modify/contract/80 pixels
in the materials palette, prepare an linear gradient /  0 / 0 / with 2 colors picked into your image (dark and light)
flood fill the layer with the gradient

Step 5
close the eye of Raster 1
effects/plugins/Unlimited 2/buttons & frames/3DGlass Frame 2/   50 / 128
selections/select none

Step 6
effects/distortion effects/wave/   0 / 100 / 12 / 100 / transparent

Step 7
image/mirror/mirror horizontal
layers/merge/merge visible

Step 8
effects/reflection effects/rotating mirror

Step  9
effects/geometric effects/Skew/Vertical (-29)/transparent

Step 10
effects/geometric effects/circle/transparent

Step 11
image/mirror/mirror horizontal
layers/merge/merge visible

Step 12
effects/plugins/Flaming Pear/Flexify 2

Step 13
image/mirror/mirror horizontal
layers/merge/merge visible

Step 14
effects/3D effects/drop shadow/   7 / 7 / 80 / 15 / black   **   -7 / -7 / 80 / 15  **  black

Step 15
layers/new mask layer/from disk/choose the pask provided
layers/merge/merge group
layers/merge/merge visible

Step 16
open the eye of the bottom layer
copy/merge your misted tube
resize it if necessary
place it where you like
Translator’s note :
if you use a tube (it was my choice) drop a shadow, choosing a light color picked in your image
drop the same shadow changing (5) by (-5)

activate the bottom layer
new mask layer/from disk/choose the mask provided
layers/merge/merge group

Step 17
layers/new raster layer
layers/arrange/send to bottom
flood fill with the gradient
layers/merge/merge all (flatten)

translators note :
image/resize if necessary
as I intend to use this top as a tag, I added a symmetric border of 2 pixels,
using the dark color of the gradient

your tag is finished
Thank you to have followed it

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