writing on a circle
Original tutorial can be found here

This tutorial was created using PSPX2
I use PSPX7
but it can be realized with other versions

General conditions
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Use the paint brush to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
open a new transparent raster layer/   600 * 600 pixels

Step 2
in the materials palette, close the foreground, and choose a color (it doesn’t matter which one) in the background

Step 3
activate the preset shape tool / ellipse

in the upper palette, choose « draw circle »

draw a circle sttarting at the top left to the bottom right

when you release the left click of the mouse, the background color will fill the circle
don’t draw a too big circle, you must keep some space to write the text

Step 4
center/align/center in canvas
the circle is now perfectly in the middle of the canvas

Step 5

layers/new raster layer
activate the Text tool (T)
choose the font and the color you wish to use
place the text on the edge of the circle
when a «  T  »  with a small curved line underneath and a cross above appears , cleft click to write your text
select the text and  « play » with the size of the police, and the Kerning, to close the « writed » circle

Step 6
layers/convert to raster layer
delete the other layers
here is my result

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