Birds of paradise

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Conditions of use of the material provided
It is forbidden to modifiy, change the name, take off the watermarks or alter the tubes.
It is forbidden to share them in groups or offer them on your site, blog or forum without permission
If you want to use them to create a tutorial, you must ask the permission to the authors.
This is a personal work.
any resemblance with another tutorial would be pure coincidence
it is forbidden to share it or distribute it on the Web,
to present it in a group or forum without the author’s permission
Rose de Sables is happy to share her work with you
she hopes it will help you dream and get away from your eveyday life

1 background / 2 selections / 2 Decorations
you will need a character tube and a bird tube

thank you to the tubers for their great work
open tubes, duplicate them and work with the copies
copy / paste selections into the folder « selections » of Corel PSP Folder
to prevent the theft of tubes, they are no longer provided in the material ZIP
the only tubes provided are : decorations, masks and selections
you will have to use your personal collection
save your work often, in case of problems (if you forget, you might have to redo all the work)

Filters Used
JAMA 3D -Meister MuRa’s Perceptive Tiling
VM Toolbox/ Instant Tile
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact/Glass/ Clear With Reflection
Alien skin Impact/Glass/Clear no drop shadow

translator’s note
Rose des Sables works with PSP X, I use PSPX9 to create my tag and write my translation
but this tutorial can be realized with another version
according to the version of PSP you use, the results might be slightly differents
don’t hesitate to change blend modes of the layers to match your tubes and colors

color 1 --> foreground color --> FG --> left click --> #970611 (choose a dark color)
color 2 --> background color --> BG --> right click --> #d6bbbb  (choose a light color)
color 3 --> #ffffff

Use the pencil to follow the steps
hold down left click to grab it and move it

open a new transaprent raster layer 950 * 650 pixels

edit -> copy

back to your work
selections -> select all
edit / paste into selection
selections -> select none

layers -> duplicate

effects -> plugins -> Jama 3D

image -> resize -> uncheck « resize all layers » -> 80%

select the grey triangles with magic wand tool

DELETE (press delete key of your keyboard)
selections -> select none

effects -> plugins –> Mura’s Meister / Perspective Tiling

view rulers and activate Raster Deform Tool

pull down to 450

press A key to disable tool

effects -> 3D effects -> drop shadow

drop shadow again changing  (5) by (-5)

highlight « Raster 1 »
layers -> duplicate

highlight « Copy of Raster 1 »

selections -> load-save selection -> from disk -> selection « rose rouge 1 »
selections -> promote selection to layer

effects -> plugins -> VM Toolbox / Instant Tile / default settings

to match with your personal colors, click on « randomize » if necesasry

opacity of the layer : 60%
adjust -> sharpness -> sharpen
selections -> select none

highlight « Raster 1 »

selections -> load-save selection -> from disk -> selection « rose rouge 2 »

selections -> promote selection to layer

selections -> select none
layers -> arrange -> bring to top

effects -> plugins -> Aline Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact / Glass / Clear With Reflection

layers -> duplicate
image -> resize -> 80%
image -> mirror -> mirror horizontal
effects -> image effects -> offset

highlight top layer
layers -> merge -> merge down

copy / paste as new layer « Déco/freedom_bird cage à oiseau »
effects -> image effects -> offset

copy / paste a bird tube of your choice as new layer
resize if necessary

open « LZ_13-06-05_Hummingbird »
image -> resize -> 40%
again image -> resize -> 80%

place it where you like
duplicate two or three times and move the birds in different places of your tag

copy / paste woman tube
place it where you like

apply your watermark

highlight bottom layer
edit -> copy
(translator’s note : I pasted this background as new image and minimized it to tray, to find it more easily in step 35)

iamge -> add borders -> check « symmetric » -> ...
2 pixels color 1
2 pixels color 2
2 pixels color 1
35 pixels white

select white borders with magic wand tool

paste into selection (the image copied in step 29)

effects -> plugins -> Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact / Glass / Clear no drop Shadow / default settigns

effects -> 3D effects -> buttonize

selections -> select none
image -> add obrders -> 3 pixels color 2
file -> save as ... type .jpeg
Your tag is finished.
Thank you for following this tutorial

Don’t  hesitate to send  your creations to Rose des Sables

It will be a real pleasure for her to show them in the gallery at the bottom of the tutorial page
Don’t forget to indicate her your name and the adress of your blog or site if you have one

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