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Franie works with PSP 13, and I use PSP 17
But this tutorial can be realized with another version of PSP

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please ask her first.
If you publish your creation on a site or a blog
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The tubes Franie uses have been sent by the authors on different groups
And she has their permission to use them
Some of them have been found on the WEB,
If you see a tube that belongs to you, contact Franie or myself
And a link towards your site will be added.

Filters used
PhotoshopII / Bethanie
 Flaming Pear / Flexify 2
 Toadies / Weaver
 Toadies / What Are You?
 Toadies / Rasterline
 Carolaine and Sensibility / CS-DLines
 AAA Frames - Texture Frame

1 alpha layer-selections
 1 mask
 1 tube « object »
 1 tube « flowers »
 2 tubes « characters »
 1 color palette

Tubers’ authorizations 

Franie’s colors
Don’t hesitate to change them and to change the blend modes of the layers
According to your tubes and images
color 1 -> foreground color -> #ca6a75
color 2 -> background color -> #8cbdcc
color 3 -> #e7c1b6
color 4 -> #ce737c

Use the paintbrush to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
open the alpha layer, duplicate it and close the original. Work with the copy
rename it « Raster 1 »

Step 2
in the materials palette, set color 1 as foreground and color 3 as background

Step 3
prepare a linear gradient

flood fill the transparent layer
adjust/blur/gaussian blur

Step 4

Step 5
image/free rotate

image/resize/uncheck « resize all layers »/73%
effects/plugins/PhotoshopII/Bethanie once more (same settings)
selections/load selection/from alpha channel/seleciton #1
edit/clear (delete)
selections/select none

Step 6
effects/image effects/seamless tiling/default settings

effects/edge effects/enhance
effects/3D effects/drop shadow/color 2

Step 7
keep this layer (shadow) active
effects/distortion effects/Spiky Halo

Step 8
activate the top layer
set the linear gradient as foreground

layers/new raster layer (Raster 2)
selections/load selection/from alpha channel/seleciton #2
flood fill the selection
selections/select none
effects/plugins/Flaming Pear/Flexify 2

image/reszie to 75% (uncheck « resize all layers »)

effects/3D effects/drop shadow as before but uncheck the box « shadow on new layer »

Step 9
your layers palette looks like this

your tag looks like this

Step 10
layers/new raster layer (Raster 3)
selection tool -> custom selection

flood fill the selection with color 2
effects/plugins/Carolaine and Sensibility/CS-DLines/default settings
selections/select none
effects/plugins/Toadies/What Are You ?...

effects/plugins/Toadies/Rasterline/default settings
effects/edge effects/enhance
effects/distortion effects/polar coordinates

Step 11
activate the layer « copy of raster 1 » (second from the bottom)
selections/load selection/from alpha channel/selection #3
selections/promote selection to layer
layers/arrange/bring to top
selections/select none

Step 12
activate the layer « Copy of Raster 1 »
selections/load selection/from alpha channel/seleciton #4
selections/promote selection to layer
layers/arrange/bring to top
selections/select none

Step 13
layers/merge/merge down twice

Step 14
activate « Copy of Raster 1 » again
layers/new raster layer
selections/load selection/from alpha channel/seleciton #5
flood fill the selection with color 4
selections/select none

Step 15
activate the top layer
layers/new raster layer - flood fill with color 3
activate tha mask and minimize it
layers/new mask layer/from image

effects/edge effects/enhance
layers/merge/merge group
double-click on the layer (Group-Raster 5)
layers properties

image/add borders/2 pixels color 1
edit / COPY

Step 16
selections/select all
image/canvas size/color #ffffff

layers/ne raster layer
selections/invert and paste into selection
adjust/blur/gaussian blur/15
effects/plugins/AAA Frames/Texture Frame

effects/3D effects/drop shadow/   0 / 0 / 75 / 20 / black
selections/select none
layers/merge/merge down

Step 17
copy/paste as new layer the tube « woman_420 »
image/resize/80%/uncheck « resize all layers »
effects/3D effects/drop shadow

Step 18
copy/paste as new layer the tube « fleurs_80 »
resize to 70%
move to the left as shown on the example
adjust/sharpness/sharpen more
effects/3D effects/ as before

Step 19
apply your signature
add obrders/2 pixels color 1
file/save as... type jpeg
Your tag is finished

You can send your creations to Franie.
It will be her pleasure to show it in her site

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