How to create and save gradients
people often ask Animabelle how to create gradients for their versions of her tutorials
so she wrote this tutorial, hoping it will be of good use for you

This tutorial is a personal creation.
Any resemblance with another one would be only pure coincidence.
It is stricly forbidden to modify images, to change their name or take off the matermarks,
To present them on your sites or blog,
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Thank you to respect Animabelle’s work

translator’s note :  I use PSP17, but this tutorial can be realized with another version.
I translate exactly the indications of Animabelle

use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
use these 3 colors

in the materials palette, click on the foreground color

this window opens, click on « gradients »

clixk on the + bottom left, a small window opens

choose and write the name of your new gradient
I chose « my gradient 7 colors », click « OK »

you can now see your new gradient, for the moment there is just 1 color you don’t chose
Animabelle has a green color, I have yellow.... maybe you will have another color.... this is not important

click 5 times on the bottom bar, to add 5 new colors in your gradient
at the end, you will have 7 colors, counting both colors at each end of the bar

click on the left pencil. The mine will become black
look ! the other « pencils » have a white mine

now click on the small square bottom right

in the window that opens, copy/paste the code of color 1 --> #2f1113

activate the following « pencil » and make its mine come black
choose color 2 as you chose color 1 !
install all the other colors using the same method
at the end, you must obtain the result below
move the « pencils » using the left click of your mouse
seperate them with the same gap between them (or not, as you like)
click « OK » and « yes » to save your new gradient

you can now use your new gradient
mine looks like this

Animabelle hopes this tutorial helped you

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