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translator’s note :  I use PSP17, but this tutorial can be realized with another version.
I translate exactly the indications of Animabelle

use the pencil to follow the steps
left click to grab it

Step 1
Open a new raster layer (transparent), 500 X 500 pixels
Activate the preset shapes tool (P)

With the following settings

Use the black color as foreground, and close the background

Holding down the shift key, draw a circle

Objects/align/center in canvas
Layers/new raster layer
Activate the text tool (T) with the following settings

activate the background color (black)
Place your cursor on the top of the circle
until you see a T in a semi-circle

Then left click and write your text in the window
You can redo that step if you are not satisfied with the result

Layers/convert to raster layer
Activate and delete all rasters except the one containing your text
You now have this result

You can do the same work with any other font
You can change the colors of course

If you want to write a text at the bottom of the circle
Before converting to raster layer
activate the pick tool, and drag the little rectangle downward until your text flips

Don’t forget to convert to raster layer

Here is the result

Delete all layers except your text layer

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