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This tutorial is a personal creation.
Any resemblance with another one would be only pure coincidence.
It is stricly forbidden to modify tubes, to change their name or take off the matermarks,
To present them on your sites or blog,
To share them in groups,
to make a bank of images, or to use them on lucrative purposes.

Thank you to respect Alyciane’s work and the tubers work.
Don’t hesitate to warn me if you have any trouble with this translation,
and I’ll try to fix the problem as quickly as I can

Alyciane and I work with PSP 2020
but you can follow this tutorial with another version of PSP, however the result might be slightly different

Thank you Garances for testing Alyciane’s tutorials

images and tubes - brushtip - mask

open the tubes, duplicate, close the originals, and work with the copies
place the selections, gradients, patterns,... provided into the dedicated folders of Corel PSP General folder
or import
open the mask and minimize to tray
TIP 1 -> if you don’t want to install a font -->
open it in a software as « Nexus Font » (or other font viewer software of you choice)
as long as both windows are opened (software and font), your font will be available in your PSP
TIP 2 -> from PSPX4, in the later versions of PSP the functions « Mirror » and « Flip » have been replaced by -->
« Mirror »has become  --> image => mirror => mirror horizontal
« Flip » has become  --> image => mirror => mirror vertical

Plugins needed
Mehdi / Wavy Lab 1.1 - Sorting Tiles - Melt 1.1
Animation Shop to create the animation
translator’s note => I used Ulead Gif Animator to create the animation


set FG to color 2 and BG to color 1 in the materials palette

Use the pencil to mark your place along the way
hold down left click to grab and move it

open a new image => transparent =>  900 * 600 px
effects => plugins => Mehdi => Wavy Lab 1.1 => colors 1 / 2 / 3 / 3

effects => image effects => seamless tiling => default settings

adjust => blur => gaussian blur => 10
effects => plugins => Mehdi => Sorting Tiles

effects => plugins => Mehdi => Melt 1.1

effects => edge effects => enhance
layers => duplicate and close the eye of Raster 1 (bottom layer)
layers => new raster layer
flood fill white
layers => new mask layer => from image

layers => merge => merge group
effects => 3D effects => drop shadow => 1 / 1 / 100 / 1 / color 3
adjust => sharpness => sharpen more TWICE
copy / paste the misted tube as new layer
place and resize if necessary
copy / paste the babies tubes as new layer, drop a shadow of your choice
layers => new raster layer
set white as FG color
Alyciane created a Brush with the head of one of the babies, and apply on the corners of the mask

highlight top layer
layers => merge => merge visible
image => resize => untick « resize all layers » =>  85%
enable the Selection tool / layer opaque

selections => modify = > select selection borders

flood fill selection with color 1
effects => texture effects => Weave / color 1 and 2

effects => 3D effects => Inner Bevel

selections => select none
highlight raster1 and open the eye
copy / paste the decoration tube as new layer and place (see final result) objects => align left
effects => 3D effects => drop shadow => 1 / 1 / 100 / 1 / white
layers => duplicate
image => mirror => mirror horizontal
layers => merge => merge visible
image => add borders => tick « symmetric » => 6 px color 1
select the border with the Magic Wand tool
effects => texture effects => Weave / color 1 and 2

effects => 3D effects => Inner Bevel

selections => select none
copy / paste the text tubes as new layer and place (see final result)
of course you can choose another text - Alyciane used the font « Black Chancery »
add your watermark and write your license numbers if you used licensed tubes
layers => merge => merge all (flatten)
save your work as... type .jpeg

My tag with my misted image (personal-not shared on my site)

Don't hesitate to write to me if you have any trouble with this tutorial
If you create a tag (using other tubes than those provided) with this tutorial
and wish it to be shown, send it to Alyciane !
It will be a real pleasure for her to add it to the gallery at the end of the tutorial

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